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Hallo Bunda, Ajak si Kecil yuk untuk mengunjungi Booth MAM dalam event "Smart Kids Asia Fair 2017".
MAM Awards

MAM membuat produk bayi yang sempurna untuk bayi dari segala usia. MAM menggabungkan keahlian dari praktisi medis, psikolog dan terapis serta bekerja sama dengan spesialis teknologi dan pemimpin organisasi pendapat seperti OPKAI (Organisasi Peneliti Kedokteran Anak International) untuk memberikan ibu dan bayi produk perawatan bayi premium.

mother baby gold award

Mother & Baby

MAM received the prestigious British gold Mother & Baby Award for Excellence 2007/2008 among other things for its work on behalf of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths in researching and promoting safe sleeping guidelines for babies.

Silver Medal

Silver medal in The ‘Lifestyle’ category of the 2002 International Design Awards, held in Baden-Wuttemberg.

Mercure, Austria

The gold "Focus Balance" Design Award was presented by the Minister for Economic Affairs of the German state of Baden-Württemberg in 2003 to the MAM Preemie pacifier range.

Silver Award Winner

In 2007, MAM received the Austrian state prize for packaging design – in recognition of the multifunctional packaging for MAM Nipple Shields.

Decorated multifunctional nipple shield packaging

In 2008, the state of Thailand presented the MAM subsidiary company Thaimed Babyproducts with an award for corporate social responsibility. The Prime Minister himself also praised the social responsibility of entrepreneurship at MAM with an award of his own.

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