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Safe with MAM: We are Honoured with the EU product safety award!

We are deeply honoured to be named one of Europe’s most caring companies when it comes to safety, recognised with a “Special Mention” for setting and exceeding product safety standards for soothers and feeding equipment. While all winners were awarded for a specific product, MAM was awarded for pioneering the safety regulations, which has actively contributed to raising requirements throughout the industry.


As early as the 1980s, we began developing the soother standard for Austria, which has subsequently been implemented across Europe. Our internal requirements and testing criteria go well beyond the norms. MAM soothers are subjected to 40 different testing methods before being made available for sale, while MAM bottles must pass 28 different tests. We have established our own research department and work closely with medical experts and parents during the development of our products. To ensure that every product meets our highest standards, product quality is constantly monitored and documented with a robust traceability system.


When it comes to product safety, babies are a particularly vulnerable group. With the product safety award, the EU honours companies that go above and beyond the requirements set down in EU law, achieving even greater consumer safety. This year represented the first edition of the award, which was open to companies from all EU members states. EU-level juries chose the winners: A Gold, Silver, Bronze award and Special mention was given to the categories SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and larger companies. We are very happy to be recognised by the European Commission with this prestigious Product Safety Award. For more than 40 years, we have positioned ourselves as an industry leader in product safety, our top priority being the development of products for the well-being, safety and health of babies.


Full information on the EU Product Safety Award can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/product-safety-award


4-picture collage - rubber tree, production at the MAM factory, printing the bottles, a baby girl with a MAM cup

Sustainable use of resources

We try to be as resource-efficient as possible in our use of materials, energy and water and want to make use of further savings potential in the future. This is applicable to all ecological effects of our work. We take environmental issues into account in the following areas in particular:

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Offices
  • Special measures in our production site in Hungary:

  • Regular energy efficiency checks to reduce energy consumption
  • Environmental management system since 2007 – with regular reviews by independent institutions and certification in accordance with environmental standard ISO 14001
  • Hot water recycling by means of solar panels on the roof
  • Change from oil to environmentally friendly tank gas
  • Energy-saving bulbs
  • Environmentally friendly laser printing technology
  • Heat recovery processes used in packaging machinery, enabling us to reduce our energy consumption for heating and cooling and the creation of pollutant emissions
  • Production of precise quantities prevents excess stock and excess production
  • Recycling and reuse of product packaging since 2012


Our second production site is located in Thailand, where around 100 employees make our latex teats. Fresh milk from the hevea tree is harvested by sustainable farming families and small, local cooperatives and processed on site to produce the natural rubber required for this. We thus avoid long transport routes and the associated loss of quality, as well as unnecessary CO2 emissions.

More information on our environmental measures can be found in the latest CSR report.


Climate and CO² footprint

A sound environment is important for our children's future. As a company, contribute to this by making our production conditions as responsible as possible. At MAM, we are mindful of our consumption of water and energy and are as careful and efficient as possible in our use of commodities and materials. The way in which we produce, package and transport our products is recorded in our CSR report, which is published every two years.

Nonetheless, it is also important to us that responsible use of our products helps to ensure that negative effects on the environment are kept to a minimum. This will enable us to make a positive contribution to climate protection together with our consumers.


What is a CO2 footprint?

The emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by humans is a significant contributor to climate change. By reducing our use of fossil energy sources, namely oil, gas and coal, we can reduce CO2. Whether it's fuel or electricity, it is important to save energy at all levels. The CO2 footprint of a product shows how successfully this is being done. It is an ecological measurement that shows how many greenhouse gases are emitted throughout the product life cycle. The smaller this is, the better.


What are the consequences of too much CO2?

The world's energy needs lead to huge amounts of CO2 being generated. The resulting high concentration of carbon dioxide is already so great that it has a significant effect on the climate. The resulting greenhouse effect has negative consequences for nature, the environment and society across the globe. It is therefore imperative that we all produce as little CO2 as possible.


CO2 footprint of the MAM Easy Start TM Anti-Colic bottle

The scientific review and testing of MAM product performance by independent third parties in an integral part of our corporate strategy. As part of our professional engagement with sustainability we had the CO2 footprint of the MAM Easy Start TM Anti-Colic bottle evaluated (carried out by denkstatt GmbH Vienna (www.denkstatt.at).


The calculation of the CO2 footprint takes account of:

production and supply of the raw materials used

materials and consumables

transport routes by HGV, train, ship or aeroplane

effects that produce greenhouse gases due to warming, cleaning, sterilisation

recycling and/or disposal


Assuming daily use and cleaning and sterilisation over six months, the following quantity of CO2 is produced:


Graphic and statistics showing CO2 consumption and energy-saving tips in English

MAM employee with certificate from the Eco Business Plan Vienna

The EcoBusinessPlan Vienna

In 2015, MAM was recognised by EcoBusinessPlan Vienna for the second time in a row. The EcoProfit module enables our site in Vienna to implement improvement measures with regard to waste, energy, water, procurement and mobility, following an input/output analysis of all materials. In this way, we are dealing with the environmental effects of our business activities in a place where we are able to bring our expertise to bear; this is fully in line with our principle using our capabilities to make the world a better place in a way that is both sustainable and visionary. Because today's babies are tomorrow's adults.

All measures have been summarised in a report and presented to the EcoProfit committee. These included:


Procurement: change to environmentally certified paper, cleaning agents, dishwasher tablets and indoor blinds.

Energy: change to 100% green electricity while reducing electricity costs and installing LED lights in staircases and the first floor.

Mobility: fuel-saving training for all employees with a company car and CO2 compensation of all business trips undertaken by all MAM Vienna employees. The financial contribution is used to carry out a climate protection project in Austria.

Upcycling idea Lampshade made of MAM soothers


Upcycling at MAM: giving soothers a new lease of life!

Children have a very emotional relationship with their soothers. They are a source of comfort and reassurance and are loved by babies and their parents. All the same, eventually the time comes when children part ways with their soothers.  What should be done with this trusty companion?  MAM Babyartikel, Austria's leading manufacturer of baby products and the market leader for soothers in many countries, asked this question in 2014.


Upcycling idea Earrings made from soother clips

MAM 2nd Life

As part of the competition launched by MAM Babyartikel, 'MAM 2nd Life', some unique works were created. Students at the University of Applied Art were asked to create something new out of MAM soothers. The results are creative, exciting, practical and always unique. Just like the MAM soothers themselves – and the little ones they are made for.


Further creative, practical ways to breathe new life into MAM products can be found in the 'Made by me' section of our website.

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