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Mengapa Puting Payudara Lebih Besar dan Menghitam Ketika Hamil?


Many changes occur when Mom is pregnant, one of them is a change in the breast. When pregnant, the nipples on the breast will be enlarged and darker in color. What is the cause?

Changes in color and size of the nipples occur when entering the second trimester of pregnancy, which is around the age of 14-27 weeks. Areola will be darker when entering the second trimester.

"During the second trimester, you will realize that your nipples and areola become bigger and darker in color," said Dr. Danielle Prime, a researcher about breastfeeding quoted from Medela.


The areola is a colored circle that surrounds the nipple. During the second and third trimesters, the areola becomes bigger and darker in color. Some people believe that this will make it easier for babies to look for nipples when breastfeeding, Mom.

Reported by Medical News Today, the dark areola is the result of hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women. Often, the areola returns to color before pregnancy when Mom starts breastfeeding. But, sometimes the color will also be darker one or two times before pregnancy.


 Blackened nipples caused by pregnancy hormones. Quoted from Firstcry Parenting, fluctuating hormone levels cause melanin production in the skin to increase. Melanin is the pigment responsible for giving color to the skin.


Typically, melanin production will increase in areas that already have these pigments. One of them, on the areola. This is what causes the areola to look black, Mom.


In addition to the enlarged size and dark color, small bumps on the areola are also more visible. These are called Montgomery tubercles which produce natural moisturizing oils. The oil serves to protect the nipples from pain and infection when starting breastfeeding.


 "The fact is, scientists believe, the aroma of this oil is similar to amniotic fluid and can help newborn babies find nipples," Prime said.


You don't need to remove this natural oil by rubbing it dry. To clean it, just use warm water, then dry.

Source: HaiBunda

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